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COMING SOON: Warlock Patrons, Bard Vicious Mockery (Insults), Heraldry Database, Tavern Signs, Books

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Tables for individual shops, like blacksmiths and tailors. Easily searchable, including item prices and weights


An easily searchable database of 5e spells for all classes, with printable spell cards.


A large collection of useful DM generators and tables that are easily searchable when you need to find something quick.


Are your players looking to purchase or build a stronghold? A large list, with modular additions, including costs.

Tavern Creator

A complete fantasy tavern generator, complete with names, descriptions, npcs and a full menu with prices, and NPCs.

Harvest & Loot

A guide to looting and harvesting creatures. Featuring individual loot, hordes, harvesting body parts, carried items and trinkets
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