Downtime Activities in D&D 5e
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Downtime Activities

Downtime activities are tasks that usually take a workweek (5 days) or longer to perform, and are often done inbetween adventures and typically done in populated areas where resources and equipment exist. These tasks can include crafting items, research and study, working, relaxing, buying/selling magic items, pit fighting, crime and more. Some acitivites require a monetary investment and a skill check, and not all tasks result in success.

The DM will have final say on which activities are available to the characters. The activities the DM allows might depend on the nature of the area where the characters are located. For example, the DM might disallow the creation of magic items or decide that the characters are in a town that is too isolated from major markets for them to buy such items.

Brewing Healing Potions - Making various potions of healing
Buying Magic Items - Finding dealers who sell magic items
Carousing - Gaining contacts and influence in society
Craft an Item (Mundane) - Making weapons, armor and equipment
Craft a Magic Item - The long task of making magic items
Crime - Stealing for profit
Gambling - The art of betting for pay
Pit Fighting - Fighting for amusement
Religious Services - Performing services for favors
Research - Studying a specific topic
Selling Magic Items - Finding buyers of magic items
Scribing a Scroll - Creating magic scrolls
Training - Learning a language or kit proficiency
Working - Doing honest work for pay

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